Joe Biden has been criticized for allegedly abandoning Israel, according to Benjamin Netanyahu’s former spokesperson.

Joe Biden has been criticized for allegedly abandoning Israel, according to Benjamin Netanyahu’s former spokesperson.

A deepening divide has been emerging between the two steadfast allies as Biden’s backing of Israel’s military campaign against Hamas seems to be diminishing. The most significant point of contention has revolved around Israel’s intentions to launch an attack in the southern Gaza city of Rafah.

Relations took a turn for the worse recently following an Israeli airstrike that resulted in the deaths of seven humanitarian workers. While Israel claimed the fatalities were accidental, Biden expressed his outrage. In a subsequent interview conducted two days later, Biden criticized Israel’s operations in Gaza as a “misstep.”

Netanyahu’s focus on his own political survival rather than the national interest has been criticized by many, including Biden. The call for a cease-fire and aid to Gaza shows a different approach that prioritizes humanitarian efforts over continued conflict. This shift in perspective highlights the importance of considering the well-being of all involved in the conflict.

Despite Biden’s plea for a cease-fire, Mr. Levy’s response indicates that Israel is determined to pursue its mission against Hamas. The emphasis on bringing back hostages and preventing further harm showcases a commitment to protecting Israeli citizens. This stance reflects a strong resolve to address security concerns and uphold national interests.

The disagreement between Biden and Mr. Levy underscores the complexity of the situation in the region. While calls for peace and aid are made, the reality of ongoing conflict and security threats cannot be ignored. The differing perspectives on how to address the situation demonstrate the challenges of finding a resolution that balances political, humanitarian, and security considerations.

The duration of the war has exceeded everyone’s expectations, as acknowledged by the statement, “I don’t think anyone expected this war to last quite as long as it has.” However, the current timing, coinciding with the American presidential calendar, has transformed the war from a mere distraction into a significant political challenge for President Biden. The pressure on him is mounting, particularly from the left wing of his party, due to the war’s implications.

President Biden recognizes that achieving a foreign policy triumph lies in Israel’s ability to eliminate Hamas, defeat them decisively, and secure the release of the hostages. Conversely, if Hamas, the terrorist organization responsible for initiating this conflict, manages to persist and continue their acts of terror, it would be a damning indictment of American policy in this war. The stakes are high, and the outcome will have far-reaching consequences.

The deteriorating relationship between the United States and Israel is increasingly being viewed as a crisis, according to Mr. Levy. He further emphasizes that this war has become a problem that many countries, including the United States, would prefer to simply wish away. However, for Israel, the situation is different. Unlike the fight against ISIS in Iraq, which was thousands of miles away, Gaza is in close proximity to Israel. With 133 hostages still held by Hamas, leaving the terrorist organization intact is not an option. The solution lies in providing assistance to civilians while firmly standing by Israel’s side, rather than abandoning them.


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