British aid worker among seven casualties in ‘unjustifiable’ Israeli airstrike in Gaza !

British aid worker among seven casualties in ‘unjustifiable’ Israeli airstrike in Gaza !

The World Central Kitchen charity has confirmed that one of the individuals who tragically lost their lives in an Israeli airstrike in Gaza was a British national. According to a statement released by WCK, a total of seven aid workers from various countries, including the United Kingdom, Australia, Poland, dual citizens of the US and Canada, and Palestine, were killed while traveling in a deconflicted zone. These dedicated individuals were reportedly traveling in two armored cars adorned with the WCK logo, as well as a soft-skin vehicle.

The charity, WCK, has stated that despite coordinating their actions with the Israeli Defence Force (IDF), their convoy was targeted as it departed from the Deir al-Balah warehouse. The team had just unloaded over 100 tonnes of humanitarian food aid that had been brought to Gaza through newly established sea routes. While Gaza’s Hamas-run media has accused Israel of carrying out the attack, independent verification is still pending.

The CEO of WCK, Erin Gore, expressed in a statement that the recent incident was not just an assault on WCK itself, but also on humanitarian organizations that operate in critical situations where food is weaponized. She described the attack as unforgivable and expressed her deep sorrow and shock over the loss of lives due to a deliberate strike by the IDF.

Erin Gore highlighted the passion of the individuals who were targeted, emphasizing their commitment to providing food to those in need and their belief in the resilience of humanity. She mentioned that their legacy of making a positive impact on numerous lives will always be remembered and treasured by both World Central Kitchen and the global community.

The UK’s former Prime Minister expressed his concern over the tragic death of a British aid worker in Gaza due to an airstrike. He emphasized the importance of Israel conducting an immediate investigation into the incident and providing a transparent explanation for what occurred. Additionally, the ex-Prime Minister mentioned that British nationals were among those killed in the airstrike, and efforts were underway to confirm this information. He assured that the UK Government would extend full support to the families of the victims during this difficult time.


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