A Ukrainian drone successfully targets and destroys a Russian Su-57 warplane at an airfield

A Ukrainian drone successfully targets and destroys a Russian Su-57 warplane at an airfield

Ukrainian military successfully destroyed a Su-57 multi-purpose fighter jet belonging to Vladimir Putin by using a kamikaze drone, as revealed recently. The incident took place at the Akhtubinsk military airfield in the Astrakhan region of southern Russia, where the £51 million aircraft was stationed. The kamikaze drone, one of three deployed, managed to travel approximately 365 miles from the frontlines, skillfully avoiding Russian air defenses before striking its target. This successful operation showcases the capabilities and strategic planning of the Ukrainian forces in countering Russian military assets.

The primary military intelligence service in Kyiv released satellite images on Sunday depicting the aftermath of the assault, despite the regional authorities’ denial of any drone strikes on the airbase. This incident marks the initial instance of a fifth-generation Su-57 fighter aircraft being targeted, as well as Ukraine’s inaugural strike on this particular airfield.

This attack occurred subsequent to Ukraine being granted permission by its Western allies to utilize their weaponry for targeted operations within Russia. The sharing of satellite photos by Kyiv’s main military intelligence service serves as a significant development in shedding light on the events surrounding the assault on the airbase.

The Akhtubinsk base in southern Russia was reportedly struck on Saturday, according to Kyiv’s military intelligence service. The exact weapons used in the attack remain unclear, but the distance between the airfield and Ukraine suggests that drones were likely involved. Satellite images have emerged, providing evidence of the damage caused by the strike. These images reveal black soot marks and small craters on the concrete strip surrounding the parked aircraft. Kyiv’s military has analyzed the images and concluded that the Su-57, a Russian fighter jet, remained intact on June 7 but showed signs of damage and fire on June 8, making it the first recorded case of such damage to a Su-57.

Aleksandr Sivakov, the deputy head of the Akhtubinsk City Administration, initially claimed that Russian air defenses successfully prevented and repelled the enemy’s attack. However, the Russian Telegram channel Fighterbomber confirmed the strike on the Akhtubinsk military airfield. The channel reported that the Su-57 sustained damage from shrapnel and further assessment is underway to determine if it can be restored. This incident highlights the vulnerability of the Su-57 and raises concerns about the security of military installations in the region. The attack serves as a reminder of the ongoing tensions between Ukraine and Russia and the potential for further escalation.


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