The Home Secretary is still being heavily criticized from all angles after her claims of bias were disavowed by Downing Street.

Amid ongoing speculation about her potential dismissal by Rishi Sunak, Suella Braverman is reportedly maintaining a composed demeanor. However, the Home Secretary continues to face criticism from various quarters following the disavowal of her allegations of bias by Downing Street and the Police Federation.

In an article published in The Times, Braverman accused the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Sir Mark Rowley, of displaying partiality. This came after pressure from senior members of the Conservative Party to prohibit a large-scale pro-Palestinian demonstration coinciding with Armistice Day, which is expected to draw hundreds of thousands of participants. As the controversy surrounding these allegations persists, the Home Secretary finds herself embroiled in a challenging situation.

According to an ally, the Home Secretary remains composed and optimistic about her political future, as the Prime Minister holds the power to determine whether she will be dismissed. The ally further mentioned that she maintains a philosophical outlook, believing that whatever outcome unfolds, it is meant to be.

Meanwhile, pollsters have observed a surge in support for the Home Secretary. Political research agency Public First has highlighted an increase in animosity towards protests and the manner in which they are policed. In light of this, they have advised the Prime Minister to exercise caution and approach the situation with care.

According to The Times, James Frayne, a partner at the firm, expressed that voters are fatigued by the ongoing protests and frustrated with the police’s tolerance towards the disorder and inconvenience.