Several coaches in support of Palestine from different regions of the UK are traveling towards the capital!

On Armistice Day, a significant number of individuals from various parts of the UK were making their way to London to participate in a demonstration in support of the people of Palestine. The Metropolitan Police, anticipating a substantial day of protests, took precautionary measures by increasing the number of officers on duty and establishing an exclusion zone around the Cenotaph.

According to the organizers, numerous fleets of coaches were being mobilized to transport participants to the capital city. This prompted the Metropolitan Police to deploy nearly 2,000 officers from both the Met and other UK forces throughout central London. This security operation, dedicated to Remembrance, is the largest of its kind ever conducted, ensuring the safety and orderliness of the event.

Scotland Yard has taken the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of the Cenotaph, the revered war memorial of Britain, by implementing a 24-hour police guard. The perimeter of the memorial will be surrounded by officers, barriers, and police vehicles until Sunday. Although the pro-Palestine march route does not pass within a mile of the Cenotaph, authorities are concerned that certain individuals from fringe groups may attempt to find their own way to the memorial. The organizers anticipate a turnout of up to a million people for the event.

In a related development, the British Transport Police has imposed restrictions on planned protests at major London stations. This means that individuals gathering at London Waterloo, London Victoria, and Charing Cross stations could potentially face arrest. These measures have been put in place to maintain public order and ensure the smooth functioning of the transportation system during this period.