Israel has the legitimate right to safeguard its borders however, we will send assistance to Gaza ! Rishi s Double Stand !

Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, warmly received US Vice President Kamala Harris at No 10 Downing Street today to engage in a comprehensive discussion on the prevailing ‘global situation’. The focal point of their deliberation encompassed the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

A spokesperson from Downing Street, in a statement released subsequent to the meeting, conveyed the Prime Minister’s unwavering support for Israel’s legitimate right to safeguard itself against acts of terror. Additionally, emphasis was placed on the imperative to facilitate the provision of essential humanitarian aid to Gaza and secure the release of hostages held by Hamas.

Both dignitaries concurred on the alignment of the United Kingdom and the United States in their concerted endeavors, vowing to sustain collaborative efforts with regional partners to foster enduring stability.  During her inaugural visit to Downing Street, Vice President Harris emphasized the imperative for Israel to exercise its inherent right to self-defense, while simultaneously urging against any misinterpretation that conflates the Palestinian people with Hamas.

Furthermore, she underscored the importance of avoiding any deliberate targeting of innocent civilians. Vice President Harris’s visit to the United Kingdom is primarily centered around delivering a comprehensive policy speech on Artificial Intelligence and participating in the esteemed AI Safety Summit 2023, a two-day event organized by the UK Government, scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday.

A statement released by The White House indicated that Ms. Harris and Mr. Sunak engaged in a conversation regarding the recent updates in Gaza, particularly highlighting the positive advancements made to facilitate the departure of foreign nationals from the region, a development that was warmly received by both parties. According to the readout, Ms Harris expressed her appreciation for the United States’ strong collaboration with the United Kingdom in providing security and economic aid to Ukraine. This assistance is crucial in maintaining Ukraine’s defense and democratic institutions in the midst of Russian aggression.Furthermore, they deliberated on the significance of safeguarding the well-being of civilians in Gaza, emphasizing the adherence to international humanitarian law and the urgent need to enhance the delivery of humanitarian aid to innocent civilians residing in Gaza.