Israeli tank reportedly fired upon an Egyptian border post, with the incident being described as a “mistake”.

The Israeli military has reported that an unintentional discharge from one of its tanks resulted in the striking of an Egyptian post near the Gaza border. In addition, Israeli warplanes have conducted airstrikes on various locations within the Gaza Strip, including two airports in Syria and a mosque in the occupied West Bank that is believed to be utilized by terrorists.

Meanwhile, reports indicate that a second convoy of aid trucks has commenced its entry into Gaza from Egypt on Sunday afternoon. The Egyptian military has acknowledged the incident, stating that it caused minor injuries, without providing further specifics.

The Israeli military has expressed its condolences for the unfortunate occurrence near the Kerem Shalom area. According to an official statement, the incident is currently under investigation and the specifics are being thoroughly examined.

According to the Egyptian army, Israel has expressed regret over the unintentional incident and is currently conducting an investigation. Witnesses cited by Egyptian media have stated that the Israeli strike will not hinder the delivery of aid to Gaza. On Sunday, a second convoy consisting of 17 aid trucks entered the Egyptian side of the Rafah border crossing and proceeded towards the Gaza Strip, as confirmed by humanitarian and security sources. However, shortly after the convoy entered the crossing, witnesses reported hearing a blast in the area and ambulances being deployed from the Egyptian side.