Russian military aircraft, which had reportedly been carrying undisclosed cargo, experienced a catastrophic explosion

A Russian military aircraft experienced a catastrophic incident during takeoff from a secluded airbase, resulting in a fiery explosion. The Il-76 aircraft was still on the runway when one of its engines suddenly burst into flames. Subsequently, the aircraft veered off the runway as the inferno rapidly spread.

According to reports, the crew and any passengers managed to evacuate the colossal military transporter before it became completely consumed by the flames. It is believed that there were a total of eight individuals on board, responsible for transporting an undisclosed military cargo. Footage captured the distressing scene of the burning Russian defense ministry aircraft at Ayni airbase, located near the capital city of Dushanbe in the ex-Soviet republic of Tajikistan.

The air base, commonly referred to as Gissar Air Base, has been identified as the location. Initial reports from Telegram channel indicate that the registration number of the plane was not initially revealed. However, it is believed that the damaged aircraft is RF-86900, which was previously utilized to support Putin’s military operations through Belarus. The specific contents of the cargo have not been disclosed, citing “wartime political reasons” as stated by an undisclosed source.