Personal phone number of Sunak was made public on the internet, security mishap that caused embarrassment!

A tape capturing pranksters successfully reaching the Prime Minister’s personal mobile and leaving a message on his answerphone has been released. Downing Street has declined to provide any comment on this incident. Rishi Sunak’s mobile phone number has recently been exposed on the internet, highlighting a significant security oversight. Mischievous individuals shared a recording of their call to the Prime Minister’s personal mobile, successfully reaching his voicemail message.

The dialed number corresponds to the one utilized by Mr. Sunak during his tenure as Chancellor and the Conservative Party’s leadership contest last summer. As reported by The Sun, it is worth noting that a distinct number was assigned to him upon assuming the role of Prime Minister a year ago. However, it seems that the previous number remains active despite this change.

In April 2021, the former UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, was compelled to alter his mobile number due to its availability online for the past 15 years. The number was initially disclosed on a press release when he was a shadow minister in 2006. However, it ceased to function shortly after its exposure, and officials confiscated the device due to concerns of a possible cyber attack from hostile nations.