Charles remains deeply tormented by the pain caused by Harry, which persists to this day !

Charles remains deeply tormented by the pain caused by Harry, which persists to this day !

Rankin, the renowned photographer who has captured the essence of numerous prominent figures ranging from Tony Blair to Madonna, had the honor of immortalizing the Queen during her Golden Jubilee when she reached the age of 75. Interestingly, it seems that this has evolved into somewhat of a cherished family tradition, as King Charles recently invited Rankin to Clarence House in anticipation of his own 75th birthday.

Now, the long-awaited unveiling of the King’s birthday portrait has arrived. This captivating black-and-white close-up showcases the King with a mischievous glimmer in his eye, capturing a moment of undeniable charm and charisma. To coincide with the launch of the Coronation Food Project, a cause close to his heart, the King will grace the cover of the Big Issue magazine on Monday. This initiative aims to address the cost of living crisis by redistributing food that would otherwise go to waste. The King’s portrait on the cover captures his unwavering determination and focus, as he looks directly into the camera.

Despite his advanced age at the time of ascending the throne, his confident smile and visible wrinkles reflect the wisdom and experience he brings to his role.Charles’s friends claim that he is energized by the prospect of becoming the monarch and will not make a big deal out of reaching his latest milestone on Tuesday. He is focused on utilizing his time on the throne effectively. In a recent development, it was revealed that Charles will be the inaugural patron of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, a significant role that highlights his commitment to honoring the memory of fallen soldiers. Additionally, his sister Princess Anne will take over the presidency from the Duke of Kent, further demonstrating the trust and reliance Charles places in his closest confidantes.

Following the launch of the Coronation Food Project for his birthday, the King will resume his usual routine. He is a creature of habit and starts his day at 7am with the same Royal Canadian Air Force exercises that his late father used to do to stay fit in his 80s. This regime is called 5BX, which stands for Five Basic Exercises, and it is an 11-minute workout that includes toe-touches, sit-ups, back extensions, push-ups, and running on the spot.

Despite suffering from a persistent back pain for years, the King is reportedly in excellent shape, which is essential given his long working hours of 12 to 14 hours per day. After his workout, he enjoys a breakfast of eggs, toast, and honey. He prefers not to have lunch and instead opts for a cup of tea, a sandwich, and something sweet, preferably one of his favorite Welsh cakes, at precisely 5 pm.

Supper consists of uncomplicated dishes like an omelette or a jacket potato, which he consumes before dedicating himself to his paperwork until late at night. According to an insider, he surprisingly practices self-restraint and leads a modest personal life. He does not consume excessive amounts of alcohol, avoids overeating, and takes pleasure in the fact that even in his 70s, he can still fit into all his old uniforms.

Charles has a diverse taste in music, appreciating a wide range of genres from Wagner to Leonard Cohen, The Three Degrees, and even a touch of Bob Marley. However, his true passion lies in spending time outdoors, whether it be walking, gardening, or working on his farm, engaging in activities such as digging and hedge-laying.

Queen Camilla frequently accompanies him on his engagements, and they have an agreement that they require personal space. Although they function more as a team now, they still maintain separate residences, social circles, and hobbies. This approach is viewed by their friends as a practical and sensible way to manage the pressures of royal life. After returning from international trips, where they often spend all their time together, it is not unusual to witness separate cars waiting on the runway to transport them to their individual country retreats for some much-needed relaxation.