CIA report indicates that Putin’s pre-invasion army has experienced a significant decrease of approximately 90%

According to US intelligence, Putin’s pre-invasion army has suffered a significant blow, with approximately 90 percent of its personnel either killed or injured since the start of the war. This loss amounts to a staggering 315,000 individuals. Furthermore, a declassified US intelligence report reveals that Russia’s military modernization has been severely hindered, setting them back by 18 years due to the substantial losses in personnel and armored vehicles inflicted by Ukraine’s military.

In addition to the personnel losses, Russia has also experienced a substantial reduction in its tank force. Out of the 3,500 tanks that were part of their pre-invasion stock, nearly two-thirds, or 2,200 tanks, have been lost. These losses highlight the significant impact that the conflict has had on Russia’s military capabilities and underscore the challenges they face in rebuilding and modernizing their armed forces.

The extent of the setbacks experienced by Putin’s forces in Ukraine has been brought to light by the assessment, revealing the significant losses they have suffered. In response to a request for comment, the Russian embassy directed inquiries to the Russian defense ministry in Moscow. However, the ministry did not provide any response to the requests for comment.