During testing, Russia’s intercontinental missile with nuclear capabilities deviated from its intended trajectory !

ccording to the Ukrainian military intelligence, two significant tests of nuclear-capable missiles conducted by Russia have encountered failures. On 1 November, the RS-24 Yars intercontinental ballistic missile, which serves as a crucial component of the Russian strategic nuclear forces, underwent an unsuccessful test. This incident follows a similar occurrence during previous command and control exercises on 25 October, where the missile deviated from its intended trajectory. The Ukrainian defence ministry’s main intelligence directorate reported these incidents, highlighting the recurring issues faced by Vladimir Putin’s forces in successfully executing these tests.

The failed tests of the RS-24 Yars missile have raised concerns regarding the reliability and effectiveness of Russia’s ground-based component of the strategic nuclear forces. The missile’s deviation from its intended course during both the recent test and the previous command and control exercises indicates a recurring problem that needs to be addressed. The Ukrainian military intelligence’s report sheds light on the challenges faced by Russia in maintaining the functionality and accuracy of their nuclear-capable missiles. These incidents serve as a reminder of the complexities and risks associated with the development and testing of such advanced weaponry.

Russia has consistently denied any previous missile test failures, instead asserting that the launches were successful. However, the test launch of the RSM-56 Bulava ballistic missile from a missile submarine on 25 October 2023 was unsuccessful, further highlighting concerns regarding its reliability and security. Ukraine’s GUR intelligence agency refrained from providing any specific details regarding the failure of the rocket tests, leaving the exact circumstances and location undisclosed.

However, if these reports are indeed accurate, it would undoubtedly be a source of considerable embarrassment for Moscow. Concurrently, Ukrainian intelligence has revealed that Russia has already deployed its formidable Sarmat missile system, commonly referred to as Satan-2 in the West, along with troops, despite having conducted only a single comprehensive test. In a separate event, President Putin engaged with the public during his visit to the Red Square on Moscow’s National Unity Day.