Israel is preparing to invade Gaza this week: As soon as US move missile defences to region !

Israel’s military operation in Gaza is anticipated to commence in the upcoming week, following a request made by the United States for additional time to strengthen its defensive capabilities. The Prime Minister of Israel has cautioned that Hamas is facing an inevitable fate.  Benjamin Netanyahu has asserted that the military forces have successfully neutralized a significant number of terrorists, emphasizing their commitment to ensuring the safe return of hostages to their families. Furthermore, he has expressed his determination to exhaust all available resources in achieving this objective before commencing the ground offensive.

Speaking from Tel Aviv this evening, the Prime Minister emphasized that all Hamas militants are doomed and that efforts are being made around the clock to eliminate the terrorists. However, he declined to disclose any specific information regarding the timing and method of the ground offensive, stating that such considerations are not publicly known and should remain undisclosed. The Prime Minister emphasized that the timing of the operation is determined by the cabinet and the chief of the general staff, and their objective is to ensure the best possible conditions for future operations.

The leader called upon Israelis to remember those who lost their lives in the Hamas attacks, emphasizing that it is crucial not to forget them. He compared the pain of the loss to thousands of arrows piercing their hearts. To honor the victims, a national day of mourning will be added to the calendar. The leader also urged citizens to evacuate to the south of Gaza and assured them that the country is providing controlled access to personal weapons. He stated that his responsibility is to lead the country and its people to a complete victory over their enemies.