Huge pro-Palestine protestin London one man arrested for chanting ‘God’s curse be upon the Jews

A male individual, dressed in black attire, was observed waving a black and white Shahada flag in Whitehall at approximately 4.45pm yesterday. Another male, wearing a grey hoodie, held a megaphone to his mouth and appeared to be shouting pro-Hamas slogans. Following the incident, the former individual has been taken into custody on suspicion of inciting racial hatred.

The viral clip, with over three million views on X (formerly known as Twitter), has garnered significant attention. According to The Telegraph, the men in the video can be heard chanting phrases such as ‘God’s curse be upon the Jews’ and ‘God’s curse upon Israel’.

The man who was caught on camera shouting racist abuse in Whitehall has been apprehended by the Metropolitan Police. A picture of the suspect was shared on X, along with a statement confirming his arrest on suspicion of inciting racial hatred. Meanwhile, government officials have expressed their concern over the recent calls for jihad against Israel made by Islamists on the streets of London, describing them as “completely reprehensible”.

On the day when 100,000 people in Britain marched in pro-Palestine rallies, a video was captured. The rallies were organized to demand a ceasefire in the Middle East after the terrorist group Hamas brutally killed over 1,000 Israeli civilians. This led to weeks of air strikes from the Jewish state, resulting in the loss of thousands of lives.