Two prisoners escape from Suffolk jail, Police warn public not to approach them !

Authorities are currently in pursuit of two escaped prisoners who have fled from a correctional facility in Suffolk. The individuals in question, Joshua Lewis Terry and Levi Mitchell, absconded from the jail premises on Saturday evening. It is advised that members of the public refrain from approaching the fugitives and instead cooperate with law enforcement in providing any relevant information that may aid in their capture.

Police are currently making swift efforts to locate the duo, who were previously incarcerated at Hollesley Bay prison. The authorities have reason to believe that the individuals, aged 29 and 39, absconded jointly prior to 7pm yesterday, prompting an appeal for assistance in their whereabouts.

Nevertheless, Suffolk Police have advised the public against approaching the pair in the event of a sighting. The law enforcement agency received notification at approximately 7pm that Terry and Mitchell were unaccounted for from the Category D Jail. Terry, hailing from Norfolk, possesses a height of 6ft 2inches, complemented by his ginger hair and captivating blue eyes. This 29-year-old individual exhibits a slender physique, accompanied by a well-groomed stubble on his face.

Notably, Terry bears a distinctive tattoo of a star adorning his lower arm. Currently, he is serving a sentence of two years and four months for engaging in affray and menacingly brandishing a bladed or sharply pointed object in a public setting.